(ęDark Fortress 1998)

Chapter One: Dreaming...

Close your eyes and follow me to a land beyond the gates of agonizing dreams.
Ride with me upon hills of martyred souls, where once blood was spilled for the one,
the master ring, created in the flames of Amon Amarth.

"One Ring To Rule Them All, One Ring To Find Them,
One Ring To Bring Them All, And In The Darkness Bind Them"

Feel the magic on the winds of wrath and walk with me on the blackened paths of Taur-nu-Fuin.
Enter this world beyond all human dimensions and close the gate of life forever
to unveil the secrets of this long forgotten tale of ancient glory.
A tale that seemed to be lost in the hidden shadows of Mordor...

Chapter Two: Throne Of Sombre Thoughts

...and I still hear the sound of shattering swords,
I still see the empty eyes of the fallen warriors,
I still hear their screams on the wind
for I am one of the ancient race, summoned by the scars of time

Once I had risen amongst the Nine through a spell cast behind the shadowwalls of Minas Morgul.
Nazgul, hunters of the night, damned to search for the One,
even death cannot take this heritage from me.

I still roam the mighty forest of Neldoreth, like Carcharoth did in ancient times, feeling eternal emptiness inside.
Like in thousands of nights before I look up to the starless skies above,
where once Glaurung ruled in a silhouette of fire, and again I feel endless torture -
I have failed...

Chapter Three: Captured In Eternity's Eyes

In a land of never resting shadows, where I have found the essence of profound immortality.
In the land of Mordor I shall wander eternally, awaiting my sunless dawn
to fall into the funeral embrace, where I shall dwell in silence.
Wistful I cry for the end
Minas Morgul - once my empire,
Now withering in a spectral morning veil;
Who can deliver me from this unbearable destiny?

"Ash Nazg Durbatuluk, Ash Nazg Gimpatul, Ash Nazg Thrakatuluk,
Agh Burzum - Ishi Krimpatul"

A sunbeam ends my journey, dawn breaks in the east -
Soon I will return into these dungeons with the nightshadows by my side...

A tale that never ends!

Artist Comment: "At the first look one would probably say, that it's just one of these "Tolkien-copy-lyrics", but the message behind the trilogy is, that I tried to write my own story based on the novel "Lord of the rings". It's about a Nazgul, who's the only surviving creature on middle-earth, damned to search for the one ring forever. I wanted to channel some parallels to the real life, 'cause I often felt like these Nazgul, who is always asking himself: "Will these existence ever end" or "Who can deliver me from these existence". He always feels these urge within to search for something, even if he doesn't really know, for what he's searching, and I often felt these urges too, and I think a lot of people felt the same in their life -- the urge, that says to you, that there has to be an aim in your life, that gives you inner peace, but after a while you begin to realize, that you cannot ever reach these aims, 'cause it has never existed, and in this moment you feel eternal emptiness, you realize, that you've just await the day of your salvation."