(ęDawn of Oblivion 1994)

One ring to rule them all
One ring to find them
One ring to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them
In the land of Mordor
Where the shadows lie

They were once nine kings with power in their hands
But they hungered too much, too far, too loud
So the dark lord heard their crying for more lands
More lands to reign, their vanity took their pride
They should have listened to the voices in their minds
You can get no power by being other's slaves
Now they'll hear him laughing as they're fading away
He took their minds, their hope, their hearts, their souls
Now they're after a little man from the north who didn't know
The power and the magic in a little ring which he keeps
Guided by Sauron they gathered at the ford, they said:
"Give us the ring and come with us to Mordor"
"I will give you nothing", he replies
"I will give you nothing", he replies
In the land of death you can be no king
Now they're just false replicas of what they once were
They say eternal life, I say eternal pain
The sound of death and pain is in their cries
So now the nine riders are making the dark lord's will
They have forgotten their names, just oblivion in their minds
They are addicted to him, they are addicted to his ring
Their only vulnerability is reaching their home
The little man is carrying their lives in his hands
The face of Angmar doesn't fear this man on his way
He's approaching the Mount Doom to throw it away, down there
In Orodruin's fire they remember his words
"I will give you nothing", he replies
"I will give you nothing", he replies
"I will give you nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing", he cries
"I will never ever give you anything", he cries


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