(ęPhilip Von Segebaden 1999)

As he, the first, reaches close to the pass, he realizes that he is the first mortal ever to reach this point. No one deemed it a conceivable goal because of the extreme altitude and rough terrain, but as he peeks over the edge he beholds a glorious sight. There she lies, Gondolin, the hidden city, her walls and towers set aflame by the rising sun. Snowy peaks surround the majestic basin and the cold air bites his face. A glance back over his shoulder and he sees that the rest of the army is not far below. They had made it! They had found a way into Gondolin, a way unguarded and now battle awaited!

The fall of Gondolin was now only a matter of time...

The track actually has no lyrics. It is essentially sound effects of a man climbing a mountain. The words are given in the lyrics section of the CD jacket as an explanation of what is happening.