(Despairation 1996)

Towards the dark and into the sky
Black shadows riding through the land
Through deserts, dust and bones leads their way
In direction Mordor they are send

There's a sorcerer who changed his mind
Now he rules the land of Isengard
But also his power is soon beaten
The strength of the ring is cruel and hard

Majesty of Magic & Mayhem
Emperor of dimensions unknown
Master of orks and all dark shadows
The ring comes to you and ain't alone

Two hobbits on their way to darkness
Alone with the horrible creature
The flame of life is still is burning low
And dead seems Gandalf, the old teacher

Into the evil land of Mordor
leads also another stony way
All the sorcerer's wisdom is gone
In the valley of the wicked they will stay

Dark clouds will soon cover the grey sky
the dark eye in the tower watches all
No hope no fear two hobbits are on their way
And all enemies are Mordor's thrall

The journey into nothing goes on
Soon the night sky will cover the sun
They walk into the final battle
The war of the ring has begun

Will the evil lord finally win
The dreadful war of Minas Tirith?
On it's way to the mountain of fate
awaits the ring another evil spirit