(©Despairation 1998)

At the gates of Moria
Where light turns into darkness
The wizard spoke his last words
And dark dungeons swallowed him
A long path into shadows
And in once chose to wander here
Right on through haunted meadows
Where black riders are so near

Sweet morning whispers weird again
Pride migrations into solitude
Upon the hill our quest is done
At Mordor, where dark oblivion reigns

What do we know of magics long forlorn?
Used by a wizard in the tower so dark
A heavy ring, made to subdue Middle Earth
Decay on the streets where once the elvens lived

Leaving fields behind, Malice & Desire
Wanderings into grief, where the shadows hide
Far away, we will see another day
The horrible Gollum is on our side

When will the heavy burden end?
A cruel ring to bother 'em all
Feel the spell of Barad-Dūr
As the seasons change colours
While darkness surrounds the day
Eagles watch the sky above
Two brave hobbits are on their way
Telling faerytales, you'd surely love

Through darkest places of decline
Rush into forests of grey autumn
Loveless atmosphere of contempt
Wrathful Sauron's eye is everywhere

Cold nights whisper the Devil's lullaby
To lay down is all you should do
Still listening to a little lullaby
Lucifer takes all the sins from you

Orks guard the dark empire under Sauron's spell
But still wise hobbits walk along their path of fate
Hard is the way to Mordor, where the shadows lie
Their fatherland decades away and there's no final gate!!!