"Photographs of the cast of the 1967 Hobbit performed at New College School were reproduced on the bbc website in July 2012, in conjunction with an August broadcast concerning the adaptation. In the latter, members of the cast - some of whom have gone on to careers in music and theatre - recalled the production with fondness. There were four performances. Tolkien and his wife attended on one evening, and on at least that occasion, Humphrey Carpenter played double bass as part of a thirteen-piece orchestra. The headmaster of New College School played the dragon, and it is said that the irony of this did not escape his pupils. When Tolkien spoke with the players after the performance, he mentioned the name of the dragon, Smaug, and the actors realized that they had been pronouncing it incorrectly. A recording of at least one performance was made for private subscription; parts of this were played during the BBC Radio 4 broadcast in August 2012. Also played was what seem to have been the final words of the script, presumably spoken by Bilbo - 'Well, I'm back' - taken, of course, from the end of The Lord of the Rings but no less appropriate for The Hobbit." [http://www.hammondandscull.com/addenda/guide_by_date.html]