(ŠEcthalion 2000)

As my mind drifts off in deceitful slumber
I cannot shake the vision of your eyes
Emerald green inside a ghostly pale
I still hold dear this remembrance of you
To no end...

Where could you wander on this very night?
I pass your shadow with every step
Spectral hands caress this tortured soul
I feel you move inside my bleeding heart
Until I die...

Painful imagery reflects upon the sky
I swore to set you free and so I did
My paradise appeared to be your hell
I whispered your name to hear the reply:
"Let me go..."

Memories fade only to surface now
I offered you my small and fragile world
Its shattered fragments tore my skin away
You taught me the real meaning of love -
It's pain...

Emerald green inside ghostly pale
I do not know the blade now in my hands
Your luminent eyes eternally set upon me
I take this final step with thee
My Laurelin....