(©Elane 2011)

Starlit dance - on silvery waves
song of brook - under shadow leaves
echo of sighs - in branches above
whispers and signs - of two souls crowned with love

Leaves will sing an waters flow

You see - in my eyes what I want, what I love
you feel - like you never will swim with the brook
you long - for the dephts of your water-filled heart
you wait - for the touch of your leaves on my face
and they hope - one day to be free

Líltié elénion - tyelpé falmassen
líre ehteleo - nu lassi luminawa
láma firiéo - tára olvassen
lussi ar tengwi - atta féar melmerína

Lassi linduvar ar neni siruvar

Cencil - hendunyassen man merin man melin
milyal - i fóle nen-quanta órelyo
maril - antanyassé lasselyaron appalen
ar estel tessen - auresse te leryaina
felil -