(İElephant 2004)

Orpheus lead me deep into Hell, Dagon Sphere in hand
Away from the burning mirrors and through the shadow lands
Tonight I'll leave the sunless walls, the time is getting short
To find my hidden destiny, the only chance I have

Twilight over Gorgoroth, forboding gates of bronze
Oblivion awaits me there, a sea of blackest night
Despair rules my barren heart, frustration in my mind
But the lyre charms me sweet and pure, infusing me with hope
I see the suffering of broken souls, laughter turns to screaming
Naked mangled bodies forever walking the circle of perpetual hunger

Merciless, the dragon spreads its plague over the world
Blessing the wickedness of its blackened hordes
Phantoms of anxiety magnifying fear
Cursing in misery the ones with the faith to believe in the
Wisdom revealed in the loneliness of solitude
When thoughts and memories are the only truth
Bathed in silver in the dead of winter
Rimmed with frost like the skeletal trees

The jester strikes me within my lucid nightmare, I'm chosen to stay alive
A palace of demons on the blue hill bear witness to my trial
Lost in starlight amidst a swarm of enemies, battling every imaginable foe
Deserted by seraphs, I call out in rage, is this my fate
Entrapped in an ancient war, I reach for the mystic buckler
To quell the flaming onslaught of the avernal throng
A sacred relic of the knights of the elements
A reminder that peace must always prevail
Chained to the obelisk by the sovereign killers
Waiting for the sight of the robed tormentor
Paralyzed and overwhelmed, eyes roll into my skull
This is my Crucimentum
Molded in the fire of the living forge
Hammered for impurity and thrust into the water
The process repeats to drive out the porous slag
This technique if withstood produces true steel
An enigmatic sacrifice before the hooded masses
Princes of pain, rituals of blood and death
I shall be the one to achieve the heavenly
Obsidian Hell - ninth candle of the second plane of seven

Caught in this strange place somewhere in the pit
From the depths of the chasm I see the tunnel's end
The winds change, the storm recedes, spring is in the air
Happy for deliverance, I cry

Reflecting on the dark maze that consumed me within
Grateful for the knowledge gained, wiser now am I
Leaving the abyssal realm, Elysian Fields before my eyes
A final bridge that I must cross, Janus greets me