(İElephant's Memory 1968)

Somewhere there's an Old Man Willow
Weeping all alone People laugh at him
Sit and stare everywhere
He doesn't care

He just sits there by his river
Gazing at the sky
What's the reason why
Is he there anywhere

People don't know why he sits there and cries
They think he's got a secret but they don't realize
He's just hot - he's got a fly on his shoulder
He wants to swat it off but his limbs have grown older
He's tired and sick and he can't walk away
To find some shade like he has made for others of the _____

He stopped to look at the sun one day
He didn't realize that he would be there to stay
It doesn't matter what the people think
He just want's to get out of the sun
To find a place that he can sleep

Somewhere there's an Old Man Willow
Weeping tears of rain
Wind blows in his eyes as they stare everywhere...