(©Emyn Muil 2013)

From the sky above us, a dark rain comes down fast,
it brings smell of death and fear in the heart of men.
Armies of thousand spears are prepared to die,
in this land of sorrow, the dawn has arrived!

Orcs ahead, thousands!
In the dark of Angband.
Elves and Men united,
under one flag of hope!

Army of Maedhros, with Feanor’s seven sons;
Men of Hador's house, along with the elves king;
Army of Nargothrond, along the dwarves of Belegost,
now we have to fight to save this land!

“Bring Húrin to me, his army is weak and I shall break his will apart!”

Go now my lord, you’re the last hope of the elves,
I can’t let you die, retreat for your life,
remeber this day in your eyes,
when the world will shine into a new light!

With my axe and my shield I will fight ‘till the end,
defeat is everywhere, but I am still there,
‘cause this I feel inside my soul:
a new day shall come again!

“Aure entuluva!”