(©Faelend 2016)

Storm like an endless cloud over my eyes.
My sorrow's a heavy shroud, face without smiles.
Stealing my sun.
Then it seems a lonely mile, drowning alone.
And my heart's without a smile, cause i'm on my own.
I need someone.

After the rain - i can see it clearly
After the rain - how i love you dearly
After the rain - hang on be steady
After the rain - my heart is ready, ready
After the rain!

Chrystal pieces in the earth, broken in panes.
We can give them their rebirth, washed by the rain.
Shining as one.
Synchronicity of souls is whispering again
when millenia sends out lover's calls
through the curtain of rain.
We're only begun.


Eiliant. Ninniach. (Rainbow)


Eiliant (Sindarin): rainbow