(©Faelend 2016)

"Anóriel a Ádalon a Ben Craban.
Hini Iluvataro. Eruhíni. Narn-i-chin Ilúvatar."

Lelyam na'chaered! (We travel to far away places)
Estar esseldi! (We are the first born elves)
Echuilen na Hildórien! (You awoke in Hildórien)

"Atani, Hildór, Edain!" (Second born, men)

Through all the dark and lonely shadows
we cannot seem to find a way home
We left all blood and tears behind us
to find the happiness we once have owned

Far from the east to undying lands
Hildórien is no longer home
Why are we here? Where have you gone?
Darkness and fear. You left us alone.

"Children of Ilúvatar!"

Eruhíni Ilúvataro, E-ru-hí-ni (Children of Eru)
Eruhíni Ilúvataro, E-ru-hí-ni

Deep in our hearts we hear our mother's song of woe.
A melody deep from the mist of time.
The words so softly moaning seem to flow
right in the lonely fading soul of mine.


Narn-i-chín, Ilúvatar! Law eruinnem n'Amar (Children of Ilúvatar! We are not alone in this world!)
Eruhíni lelyam na'chaered (The Children of Eru travel far)
Teryn-i-theléi (Brothers and Sisters)
Eledhrim! Pedim-na-len (Elves, we're calling you!)

"Children of Ilúvatar!"


Edain (Sindarin): Second People