(©Faelend 2016)

First time I saw the falling star,
was the first time that I saw you.
Sounds like a velvet fairy tale.
II: But what can i do
and what can i say?
I pray everyday
to make it all true :II

We are falling stars,
this is what we are:
We are falling stars
coming from afar,

Hearts beating in extreme delight,
smiles that weren't smiles before.
We looked deep into each other's eyes
II: But can i be sure?
Everything's changed,
nothing's the same
like it was before :II


Gil-Estel, Gil-Estel, (Star of Hope)
brightest in the night.
Gil-Estel, Gil-Estel,
far beyond my sight.

"Na lū e-govaned vīn!" (Until we meet again!)

Then came another falling star
and i knew it must be you.
Just like the velvet fairly tale.
II: But what could i do
and what could i say?
I prayed everyday
and it all came true! :II


Gil-Estel, Gil-Estel, far beyond my sight.