(©Faelend 2016)

i. Avari Lullaby: Ainulindalė
Ainulindalė (Quenya): Music of the Ainur

In the beginning there was a thought
Eru to the Ainur taught.
Music and word, no one ever heard
and their voices filled the void.

Ainulindalė, Ainulindalė
Ainulindalė, Ainulindalė

Melkor's discord came from above,
Eru's new theme arose with love.
Eä was made and Eldar awake
by the light of the stars at the shores of a lake.

Ainulindalė, Ainulindalė
Ainulindalė, Ainulindalė

Then at the lake Cuķvičnen,
Nelyar, Tatyar, Minyar began.
Cherished the light and ran Valinor
Starlight bright the Avari adore

Ainulindalė, Ainulindalė
Ainulindalė, Ainulindalė

ii. Avari Dance: Echui
Echui (Sindarin): awakening


iii. Avari Night: Fuin
Fuin (Sindarin): night

I was far too long out here,
it's strange, i fear - what keeps me near
It is my hot blood i don't feel
but is it real, is it surreal?
There's nothing left for here and then
Do what i can, so far and then
My tombstone i create myself
The epitaph: Avari Elve!

Avari Elf!
Avari Elf!

"Children of Ilśvatar"

U'avannem i gil (We don't want the bright light...)
Telpérion a Laurelķn (of Telpérion and Laurelķn.)
Ceram north annan (We take a long ride...)
na Avari fuin (to the Avari night)
Tolo! Govano ven! (Come! Meet us!)
Odulen an edraith anlen (I came to your rescue)
Galad a Isilmė (starlight and moonlight)
na Avari fuķn (in the Avari night)

The Afterlife is just before
there is no "further" past the door
there'll never be a waiting hour
the counting hours are here and now

We left the lights with all our might
they'll end your life with elvish pride
We learned again to trust ourselves
So we became - Avari Elves.

Avari Elves!
Avari Elves!

"Children of Ilśvatar"

We can't stand the light
these two trees are far too bright.
So we take a long wild ride
through the dark Avari Night.
We were blinded by the light.
Right is wrong and wrong is right.
Scattered suns and grey moonlight,
in the dark Avari night.

U'avannem i gil
Telpérion a Laurelķn
Ceram north annan
na Avari fuin
Tolo! Govano ven!
Odulen an edraith anlen
Galad a Isilmė
na Avari fuķn

Avari (Quenya): The Unwilling