(©Faelend 2016)

Lover, hear my vow!
The road is lonely and though...
Mortal man i must go,
the fire burns low.
Here at the river of souls,
heed Babylon's calls,
lure their karmas to join
their songs of woe.

Melethron, lasto beth nin! (Lover, hear my voice)
Melethron, andélu i ven (Lover, the road is dangerous)
Firion, ú-ethelithon (Mortal man, i'm not coming back)
Namárië i amar! (Farewell world!)

Come and reach for my hands,
here our journey ends.
Our new world will make amends
o'er this laments.
Though colors flee from the light
the day is ruled by the night.
Our love is tender and bright.
It's fires ignite!

Me-le-thr-on, la-sto beth nin!

"U-i vethed na i onnad (It's not the end, it is the beginning)
U-i vethed boe bedich go nin (It's not the end, you must go with me)
Firion i-naur wanatha (Mortal, the fire burns low)
Namárië i amar! (Farewell world!)

Melethron, lasto beth nin
Melethron, andélu i ven
Firion, ú-ethelithon
Namárië, i amar

"Farewell world, let music be the food of love."

Faelend (Sindarin): Journey of the soul