(©Faelend 2016)

Close to you the world stands still
Time dreams away, the moon keeps watch.
Close to you is eternity.
We keep us warm under cover of night.

Gűr-na-`laur nin (My heart of gold)
a chuor nin (My power to live)
Gwaen, a melethron! (I'm leaving, my beloved)
Lind em-môr (The song of night)
Tinúviel (the nightingale's song)
i-linn gwaun (it faded away)
Echuio fae nín (Awaken my soul)
Na lind em-môr (from the song of night)

Close to you is calming down,
is confidence, i feel so safe.
So close to you is just one wish:
You´d stay with me, forever mine