(©Fängörn 2012)

...the prophecy tells of the sword,
which killed once,
and will kill again and again...

Chapter I

For time out of mind
In the northern lands
People lived in peace
No one thought of death

One united land
One united faith

Land full of heritage
Lived in a golden age
For so many years
Man lived without fear
Day turned into night
The sun brought a golden light

Chapter II

But one was born
Who had an evil heart
He was a skillful ‘smith
But his soul was dark

In the cave of dwarves
He found a black ore

It gave off a magic glow
That he'd never known
He worked through long nights
'Till the morning light
And the sword was made
Cold rain steeled the blade

Once the sword partakes of blood
Peace will be destroyed
War will stay in the peaceful lands...

Once he forged the sword that brought only tears and pain
Sword of discord – The first sword
The sword was hardened by the autumn rain
Sword of discord - The first sword
The weapon that fell into human hands
Sword of discord - The first sword
The first blade that gave rise to death in the silent land