(©Fängörn 2012)

Standing here
On the shore of the sea
Now I hear
The wind's singing to me
It’s carrying a song from the lands
Intended for me

Elves’ lands
Far away in the west
Last chance
To find a place to rest
The lands of immortals
Where I will be healed and blessed

Goodbye my friends
The last road’s calling away
In the sacred lands
We’ll never meet again

Goodbye my friends
Wipe off the tears falling down
In the sacred lands
The last way’s calling me now

Journey’s done
I didn’t turn back
My soul’s got scars
Burden hangs down my neck
The memories of Shire call me now
They are turning me back

Mordor’s fallen
Look up at the sky
Heads up my friends
No reason to cry
On the shore of the golden sea
I gotta leave you