(İMick Farren 1993)

Alas -- I fear
Through my own stupidity
I have become
A foul and hollow creature of Mordor

I awoke in a Beverly Hills mansion
Beside the indoor pool
Face down upon the marble surround
With a blinding headache
And the first thing I discovered
Was that everyone else was dead
Stabbed to death with kitchen knives
Fourteen corpses
Sharing a collective total
Of a hundred and fifty seven
Puncture and slash wounds

And there were things
Scrawled on the walls in blood
Pentacles, swastikas, cabalistic symbols
And the slogan

And I have this sick feeling in my gut
That the people responsible
Are the ones I came with
The ones who were talking Kali worship
And handing out the black and purple capsules

And now the sirens are coming up the driveway
LAPD black and whites
Rolling to the slayfest of the decade
And I'm in this deep
Like I said,
A foul and hollow creature of Mordor

Maybe I should have considered
Maybe I should have thought it through
A little more thoroughly
Maybe I should have reflected
More on the outcome

Before I agreed to join the Hippie Death Cult.