(İFathom ?)

Between the Pillars of the Kings I sailed,
Argonath, on the Anduin, I beheld.

And from these Kings, my blood does descend.
For the one ring, the two towers contend.

Fallen, before Rauros Falls, Boromir,
The north wind may have heard your horn crying clear.
Its crying clear!

Beneath Amon Hen his blood does descend.
For the one ring, son of Gondor met his end.

Where are you Dunedain?
Where are you Dunedain?
Oh Elessar, you wander afar!

Dark is the path appointed for thee,
The dead watch the roads that lead to the sea.

Isengard your river bed runs dry.
You are fallen for Barad-dur, and it's eye,
Where shadows fly!

With the flood of Isen, your will can't contend.
To Orthanc's plain the trees do descend.

From Anduin to Emyn Muil
The ring is borne before losts souls
of Dagorlad the battle plain.
On Smeagol's path the black gate is closed

I saw Isil darkened by
a rider there in the sky.
A heavy burden to bring me down,
the bane of Nimloth and the Silver Crown.

Tidings from the West have come
Boromir passed in to the sea.
O'er all the world the shadow flies,
last hope in the love of Samwise.

Artist Comment: This epic 10:25 minute song is based upon the second part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy of books by J.R.R. Tolkien. The lyrics are inspired by some of the poetry and events in the book. Tolkien fans will really enjoy the lyrics. The music is a complex mix of Celtic, Rock, Metal, and Folk. John of Fathom says: "I have always been inspired by Tolkien's works and one of the first songs I wrote over ten years ago was based on the Lord of the Rings. I hope to bring that song back in some incarnation now that I am in a band that can play this kind of material. With the Two Towers song I wanted to capture a mixture of folksy, other-worldly sounds along with strident battle-ridden guitars to reflect the contrast in the book of enchanting landscapes and sword battles. The verses are written from the perspective of different characters in the book. The first verse was written from the perspective of Aragorn from where the fellowship ends and the death of Boromir. Some of the lyrics may seem cryptic to the listener who is not familiar with the books. The song was our first foray into the world of digital home recording, and recording it was an epic quest in and of itself. The project was fraught with technical difficulty, and in the end Fathom hopes to re-record the song with greater sound. But for now fans can get a free taste of the grander things to come from this band. We hope you enjoy it, let us know what you think.