(©Fimbulwinter 1995)

Night fall on the shores
He rides across the darkened sky
Where the moonlight once rose from
The king returns again

Not so the ancient of the land
They share again their joyous feast
Lightning strikes across the kingdom
When the fire leaps from the Ash Mountain

Hoof prints on the ground
A symbol dedicated to our Lord
The vast nocturnal landscape
Returns with darkness and evil

The moon as it rose
Up from the dark plain below
Came the crying of fell voices
And the howling of many wolves

Suddenly a shadow
Like the shape of great wings
Passed across the moonlit sky
And the tower of Sorcery rules

When the fire leaps from the Ash Mountain

The text of the last two full verses is quoted from Chapter 7 of Book 1 of LotR (Frodo's dream of Gwaihir's rescue of Gandalf at Isengard).