(©David Finnamore and Brian Husky 1996)


Dedication: "Thanks to J.R.R. Tolkien for the inspiration that kicked this project off."
Liner Note: "Ever since childhood, the thought of caves brought mystery and hoards of treasure to your mind. A delight to a young boy, a fulfilled dream to a seasoned surface-dweller, each stalactite and rock formation now brings the fear of an encounter with the unknown. Yet you press on. Eyes begin peering from all around — or are they reflections of their own wide eyes on the shining surfaces? You slip and fall, deeper, ever deeper than you've explored before. You look around — nothing. Is there no light? Are you blind? You grope and stumble to no avail...Did I say dream?
Comment: The title of this song is possibly influenced by the Rankin-Bass version of "It cannot be seen, cannot be felt," which, unlike Tolkien's original verse, concludes with the line "The answer is Dark."