(İForest Stream 2003)

Far away beyond the blackest ocean of blood
On the boundless scope of lost mainland of Nameless Horror
Under pale nebulas united in mysterious runes
I've found the thing I've been inspired.

Night wind is bringing mournful sounds of bell,
I count the strikes - three times in six,
Someone's will thickens the mist for me to step the ground
Where all the sacred burn.

No beast, no bird, no even shade
Appears to sign the flow of time
Fang-shaped towers of hollow torment
Stand embraced by crimson flames.

And I am coming into this palace
I see the light I've never seen before,
I am here to proselytize
And stay forever in this world of fire and ice.

I smell the frosty of ghostly halls
On the rising stairway to the abandoned throne,
And then saluting thee oh Winged One crowned with seven stars
I hear "Kor me o antie tae taeirny!".

New souls have to be born despite the curse
We have been blinded for the long dark time
In this realm of damned we are condemned to grief
Like gods of...


I came to seek the wisdom no one have ever got
Through chills of times and land I came to watch,
Yet here I dwell for winds of destiny persuade
My mortal being to stay forever with this beauty...

And in the apogee
Of the great triumph
By their ugly spawn

They'll find their logical end
To disappear from life
Until the Time...

(... So the powers were gifted to him to rule sway the destinies and to be the part of all alive...)