(İManlio Greco 2004)

A thousand of years have just come to pass
When wildfire spread, the forest consumed
Through fire and sparkles and coals of the wood
Two wondering figures there stood

"Masters we are, no one can contend
Powers we have that no one could stand
Knowledge we own, we hold great commands
More power we want in our hands"

And they found their way to dark science lore
Experiments led them to madness and more
When magic is held without knowledge to save
It often leads to the grave

A brown wizard came, pure in the heart
Of all living things a great love he had
And great were his deeds in that terrible day
That banished the horror away

The two masters fooled, from these lands dispelled
With no mortal shell to oblivion condemned
They're cast in the void, the brown wizard ruled
That's just the place for the fools

Of them what remains? A memory lost
Their power so great, just echoes of ghosts
Without words of power, now you can see
That shadows forever they'll be...