(ęGandalf's Fist 2012)

[lyrics not yet available]

Artist Comment: "Inspired by The Hobbit, or, There and Back Again by J.R.R. Tolkien. In a town, in a van, there lived a man... Set in the near future, this latest Medieval-Space-Rock Odyssey, is a Psychedelic Rollercoaster, following the story of William, a lowly ice cream van operator, who inexplicably becomes embroiled in the heist of the personal wealth of the draconian business-magnate Sir Jason Drake. Opening with the assasination of Drake outside his high-rise London appartment, the album delves into the events leading up to the busnessman's shooting. From Drake's illegal takeover of the Lunar Mining Corporation, to a chance meeting of parties with the anarchist-professor known simply as "G", the story twists and turns revealing the characters' true motivations, culminating with the heartless mogul finally contemplating redemtion from his own point in existence."