(ęGandalf the Grey 1972)

Down from the Shire and Hobbiton Hills,
over the Brandywine Bridge.

Further past Bree down the Great East Road,
and over the very last bridge.

Stopping at Rivendell and then heading out,
the Misty Mountain Trails.

The Grey Wizard Am I.

Let me reflect on the many fine times,
we walked around, Strider and I.

Talking of the things that would happen to us,
oh how the time seemed to fly.

Fanghorn Wood, Legolas, Arwen and I.
How the memories grow.

The Grey Wizard Am I

Galadriel Dear, are you listenin'?
Elven Lady, can you hear?

That deep into Mordor sometimes I have gone,
seeing what evil can do

Fighting the demons and playing their games,
loosing some years of growth too.

But I leave for Sauron this message with you...
and for all his evil too.

The Grey Wizard am I.

[Copyright 1972 Grey Wizard Music ASCAP]


The Grey Wizard Am I (CD 2001) [remastered]