(©Gatekeeper 2005)

source of wicked seeds planted in the minds of the weak
they feed on those in need of help and fool them with their promises
they whisper in your ear and tell you how to live
with hopes of better-ness that will never come
they live for the lifeless and swear it swear its ok
hide them from the truth
they keep you in the dark and say your being helped.
wont let you find your inner-self

their deeds like poison, venom in your veins
must be intelegent to who they are, they are everywhere

promising strength, creating weakness
promising freedom, creating slavery
promising love, creating hatred
promising peace, creating war

must look to the most honest source when in need
fix all you problems with ones you never see

their lies believed as truths, forced onto you
thieves of our time, robbing us of life
before you know its too late

vampires feeding for themselves
leeches wanting your strength
without it they are weak

it is our fault they still exist
must stop feeding them to end their shit.
when desperate their colors will show.
before they know its too late.
In their weakness they will perish