(ęGatsbys American Dream 2005)

Far beyond
Here lies the vaudville where creatures are gathering
The assembly
Cackle and drool at a land slowly dying
The monologue begins
The man is abandoned
He cracks a lonely smile like an oyster that's been shucked and dead
The company, the red, posies they spring and they whipered

(Sweet tragedy)

There's a bird who's broken down
She hunts the soil so her young can feed
But the morning never stays for long
And a flock will starve for needs
This is the exit or she was sown in for the soil
And the crowd all cheered as the menace beasts destroyed the crop and field

(Sweet tragedy)

The ensembles tune
Of wretched abandon
We're desperate souls
They litter the pavement
They feast on the world
In arrogant fashion
They come from the waters to spoil in his sun

(How could you float to me now)

The title of this song derives from Treebeard's description of Sarumen.