(©music & lyrics by Mark Geisler 1984; ©1985 Thoryan Music)

I am a child, I'm travelling a road
My heart is wild - my destiny unknown
I've travelled far, a thousand doors I've tried
Enchanted star and Mystery my guide
The weave, the web, the water laced in white
They flow, they ebb - the currents of my life
Have led me to a place between two worlds
I'd heard of that - the rose that lies unfurled...

Among the thorns I lost my sense of time
My spirit worn, my reason out of rhyme
I thought I heard a laughter in the trees
And there she was - I fell upon my knees
She said "Arise! Be welcome to the Grove!"
She kissed my eyes - reality unwove...

And in the lights of Lothlorien
I came alive and found my dreams again
With the Lady of the Elven...
There the trees seemed to glow
With leaves of silver and gold
And no one there ever once grew old
'Til I came there...

Then she led me to some water shining fair
She said "Look deep - but only if you dare
To gaze into the mirror of the pool
The waters there reflect all that is true"
I looked - I stared...enraptured there in awe
Amazed, confused at what it was I saw
Then suddenly the picture there was clear
I fought - I cried...I froze within my fear
The one I saw was one such as me
Who travelled on...and knew that it was he
Who bore the task to end the reign of night
To tear off the mask and thus restore the light

Oh, am I the one to carry this thing through?
Or am I the one who's playing the fool?
Oh help me - tell me what I must do!
Galadriel - please tell me the Truth
That mine is not this thing that I dread
She held out her hand to me
And this is what she said...

"This ring of light is one left of three
But soon the night is all there will be here
Time has brought the end of our age
A change of thought - a turn of the page
And we must now find our way to the sea
But you are one who carries the key
And we will fade away into the west
But you must stay and carry out your quest"
Oh, Lady - I can't believe what I hear
Lothlorien...it can't disappear
Galadriel - Forever is here...
She smiled at me through one silver tear...

Then it was me all alone left standing there
And all that I had known vanished into the air
I couldn't find it anywhere...
There was no trace left of her
Or the hills of green and lavender
Where I thought they once had been
They now were gone...

Well, this dream of mine has come into its end
But dreams have ways of coming once again
And though that dream has passed beyond the shore
The tides of life still led me to her door
And there unveiled in Circles without time
We danced our tale and cast it all in rhyme
I spent my days with those who were like she
And learned their ways, and carry them with me

And all I've known is gone once again
For I have flown to find Forever's end...
Before I left we said "Blessed Be"...
We held on tight and then she said to me
"As one who's been...I know what it means
Thoryan go and find all your dreams
Of light and life and spirits in the air
And if you need me - you know I'll be there"...

And somehow that made it alright
And sometimes it brings me light
And even though she's out of sight
It's alright...
'Cause the love that I learned from her
Is three times returned unto her
One day I will return again
To Lothlorien...

Artist Comment: "Every once in a while a song comes along that is truly a magical experience for me. "Lothlorien" is one of those songs. Based on the film "The Lord of the Rings" (from the J.R.R. Tolkien books about Middle Earth) which in part tells the tale of Frodo's sojourn in the elven kingdom of Lothlorien and his encounter with Galadriel, queen of the elves, this song tells of my own experience in a similar place with one who was her namesake. It is a true story, and one of the most incredible songs I ever wrote. There is more written into it than even I know. It is one of those songs that operates on so very many levels, and I continually learn new things from it. Though the time I spent with her is long since past, much love and warm memories remain."

Between the Worlds (CD 1999)