(ęGlass Hammer 1993)

Strengthen yourself! The time is now. Peer into the stone and challenge him. Show him the sword and then....call him forth to battle!

Falling through the misty depths of space and time
The red eye searches for the weakness in my mind
My soul explodes in evil laughter rife with hate
What folly drove me to this fate?
The dark lord on his throne doesn't recognize my house
He sits complacently, who is cat and who is mouse?
Fear personified... nowhere I can hide...
the evil one inside is drawing me to my eternal fate
Inside the crystal ball...
Oh Elbereth, watch over me
While I play the game of life with fate and destiny...
The final hand in the dark game is now to play
I loose my will and wrench control of the stone away
His shrieks of hatred pierce my soul in searing pain
I wield Anduril forged again
The red eye's gaze is turned
From the true prize in his land
But will he seal our fate
Searching for the golden band?
As his fury grows... success is near he knows...
Now he must attack...
Striking out secure in knowing doom is here
Inside the crystal ball...