(ęGlass Hammer 1993)

Shadows on the plain so vast and so menacing
They surpass your wildest dreams
Even as they march I think I hear them screaming!
Flowing from the gate that leads to Mordor
An army frantic, mindless, seething
And now the sounds of many swords unsheathing!
Here comes the night!

Beneath the banners of the elf-lords
The wizard holds his staff on high
The sound of eagles plunging from the sky!
And then when everything seems hopeless
The ground it shakes beneath my feet
The ring is gone and Sauron is unseated!
Here comes the night!

Many journeyed from so far away
To bear witness to the final day
We will not say the day is done
Nor bid the stars farewell
We've come to save this.... rescue all the land!
The King Is Come Again!