(ęGlass Hammer 1993)

From Carn Dum we come.... (Yes)
From Angmar, in the north.... (Yes)
Come to us my prince. Is it a crown you seek?
(We have many!)
Throw down your broken sword.
Take up the scepter of your rule.
A throne we have prepared for you.
(East of the Old forest, near the downs.)
What you seek is here. The ring is among us.
(His ring.) We will give it to you.
(It is your right.) It is your ring.
Come to us son of Arathorn.
(Come to your domain.)
Come prince of the night,
Come prince of the light,
Come to rule with rings of power.
Now has come your darkest hour.
Through forest dark, through tombs of night,
Throw down your sword, forsake the light.
To the downs...To the downs!
Come to us Aragorn.