(ŠAndy Goldmark 1973)

Here in my bathtub my horizons are my toes
I've considered every ripple that's passed under my nose
The least I ever did was ask you not to go
Now I won't ask anymore

Here in my ocean I have learned how to survive
I'm a poet without waterwings, a sandbar without a rhyme
The worst you ever did was ask me not to try
Now I won't try anymore

Our days are long gone they were times we'll never see
Small towns behind a weathered shoe
Where did I leave my shoes?
It's just to say I still belong to you

Back on the shore again I'm not sure where I stand
I was bankin' on your love a while to tide me here on the land
Before you look away be sure you understand
I won't look anymore

Wild guess: this song is about a guy who used to be married (i.e., he used to have a wedding ring, hence the title "Lord of the Ring"). So it's not Tolkien-related. Still, I wonder whether he would have thought up the song's title had Tolkien never wrote LotR...