(lyrics by Lemmy Kilmister 1969)

Black wings across the sky
Bring the nightfall
Winds whine around the stars
Black riders call

Black fading
Time's wasting
Hell's waiting for...
The Dark Lord

Towers lean glowing red
Eyes in their walls
Watching the roads
That lead to their downfall

Eyes flashing
Rain lashing
Death in the name...
Of the Dark Lord

Doom stands astride the plains
Watched by the Eye
Whipped by the dying rain
From the dead sky

Death swelling
Smoke curling
Burning the mane...
Of the Dark Lord

Tunnels of darkness yon
The moment draws nigh
Too late the black wings beat
Too late the cry

Death flying
Black dying
Tearing the veil...
Of the Dark Lord

Lemmmy did bass and vocals for this pre-Mot˘rhead, pre-Hawkwind gig.

Wizards and Demons: Music Inspired By The Writings of J.R.R. Tolkien (comp-CD 2003) [Castle Music]