(©Gothic Resonance 1993)

A light is seen in the morning sky
A messenger from the other side
Ofer middangeard monnum sended

Followed the star across the sea
A land of gift where hope they'll see
Westernesse of the kings – Númenorë

But Secondborn could not endure
The shadow that came darkening
Hearts poisoned with his lies – dark deceiver

In fear and wrath the ban they broke
Crossed the line, the storm defied
Deathlessness to seek, within the circles of the world

Doom decreed, the sentence paid
Rent asunder is our world
Mar-nu-Falmar is lost beneath the waves

And yet by grace a remnant stands
Cast upon the empty shore
Faithful to the end, alive but not alone

The line Ofer middangeard monnum sended ("above the middle-earth sent unto men") comes from the Anglo-Saxon poem Crist, which was the original inspiration for Tolkien's Eärendil story. The Gothic Resonance demo tapes can be ordered from Chris Seeman.