(©Gothic Resonance 1995)

Hands outstretched besiege the mind
Maybe we should try
Black sails on the wind betray
For the eyes of this tower do not lie

Doom denied I will not take
Pass this cup from me
Weary eyes not yet deceived
This wizard's tool I will not be
Seated on a carven throne
Let us not pretend
No rest with these hallowed stones
Name the hour of our end

Fingers clutch a prismed globe
A will that weighs on age
Burn this crumbling house tonight
Listen to the sage
We command the fire
Let us not be slaves
Heathen king on devil's pyre
Anointed I will end in flame

Artist Comment: "This song is based on Chapter 7 of The Return of the King ("The Pyre of Denethor"). While the characters involved in that chapter are not named explicitly, the lyrics actually follow Tolkien's prose quite closely. The Gothic Resonance demo tapes can be ordered from Chris Seeman."