(İRoy Gullane 1994)

So now you've got your way
You've made the front page news today.
It seems so long you left so silent
Like the smoke rings that you blow.
Oh Bilbo, much longer may your shadow grow.
Hey Bilbo, you're in the big time now.
What are you going to be?
Hey Bilbo, you've hit the headlines now.
Do you remember me?
And how does it feel up there?
So far from the country air?

Now me I like a place
Where the wind blows in my face.
It feels good to be known
But there's something to be said
For time to be alone.
Poor Bilbo the center of attraction now.
Hey Bilbo you're getting rave reviews,
I hear they can't control the queues.
Hey Bilbo how can you pick and choose
The memories you have to lose? And how does it feel up there
So far from the country air?

You know that in the end
The longest road must bend.
You're going to need a friend
The next time that you pass this way
We'll meet again.
Hey Bilbo we used to be so young.
Hey Bilbo so you're a rich man now,
You could be a millionaire.
Hey Bilbo you'll be back home somehow,
Longing for your easy chair.
You know how it feels up there
So far from the country air.

Artist Comment: "A song I wrote for all those people I hear interviewed who found fame and discovered it wasn't what they wanted. They always remind me of J.R.R. Tolkien's character Bilbo Baggins who experienced a fairly similar thing."