(©Hawkwind 1982)

'I have come, but I do not choose now to do what I came to do. Ha, ha, ha!'

'Navigation computer report – Orbital status now maintained – Target zone vectors locked in – the Tube is now ready – Please swallow your blue dreamer and place the helmet on your head…'

Feel the sudden rush of sound, You've got to be
You laugh but there's no joking, You've got to be
The dream has turned you round, You've got to be
And now there's no distraction, You've got to be
You've slipped the noose of fate, You've got to be
Your dreams are now in colour, You've got to be
'cause you've reached your future state, You've got to be

The opening quotation of this song is Frodo's climactic words at the Crack of Doom. They have been sampled from the 1981 BBC radio production of LotR (with Ian Holm as the voice of Frodo). This sampling does not appear in Other Recordings of the song. It does appear on the live version recorded on the Palace Springs album, but the song is listed under a different name: "Acid Test." (Hawkwind songs frequently appear under multiple names.)

Other Recordings
Palace Springs (LP/CD 1992)