(©Helcaraxë 2009)

Upon the plains of Gorgoroth
In the desolate wastelands of Mordor
The lord of abomination cast his gaze
Upon the keepers of the ring
His gaze fixed on the prize
The lord shall rule the world
And subjugate the race of men

The mightiest of the Maiar
The darkest of the beasts
Once cast a spell of fear upon
The elves of Nargothrond

Eye of fire
Sauron's desire

The council of Elrond
Chose the path
To cast the accursed ring
Into the fires at last
The lidless eye sits transfixed
Atop Barad-Dur
They must reach Amon Amarth
If they want to settle the score

Eye of fire
Eye of fire
Eye of fire