(©Heresiarh 2000)

In black their Empire fell against His sorcerous spells
and its ruins were devoured by the sea
Yet its line of kings survived and thus did not fail the ever-strongest
race of rulers in the world
For years their power was waned yet they did prevail and from
void raised again a new domain
Splendid cities they built and strong places of stone, and their
glory was at length restored
But then the Enemy returned and never since then did battles
cease on the borders of their realm
And as the realm grew weary of centuries of war, the foe quietly
conquered more and more
Then the last king fell though did leave he an heir but the
blood of the folk was mingled long
The King's mark was lost and out of knowledge then passed the
last lords and heroes to the throne
As lone rangers some remained and strode over the land while
others befriended the elf-folk
And although the crown was laid safe in the tower of Sun, it never
rested on a rightful head...

Raven hair was their mark and a valiant mind, a sight of azure and a kingly-arched brow,
and of the same likeness was borne the hero of this lay... Grandson of a troll-slain king,
half-orphaned by an orc-arrow, in the enchanted valley of elves was raised the last heir of the crown.
And there he grew with the first-born folk, tall and wise in the Eldær-lore...
With immortals he wandered far across the lands, o'er mountains and plains, through great forests and dales,
and many a brave deed did his company achieve, and soon he was grown grim and strong.
And when next he turned up, noble and fair, the elf-master saw him early of manhood come,
though yet greater to be, and thus revealed to him his heirloom...
Overwhelmed he wandered far in the woods and sang for his heart was aflame
'Till like a ghost from his lay in a shadowy glade he encountered a beauty unseen
Love then it was like like centuries ago when nightingale danced by the girdle
And the unbridled mortal was granted a shine by the ageless maiden of twilight

Far-sighted, to halt the darkening of lands the elf-master bade them no bliss.
For no man would his daughter betrothed unto be but king of all lands from the East to the sea.

On a quest to reforge the shards of the sword broken on the mail of the Dark One,
to rekindle the flame of a dwindled star, to reunite and lead the legions of Seven. To
to claim again the lordship of West, the Guardianship of Immortal Path,
with wizards walk he must and labour hard, and wisdom gain...

Renewed shall be blade that was broken — the crownless again shall be king..."

He switched guises and won renown under many names until became the hardiest
among Men, yet more than them for he was elven-wise, a king in exile. 'His face was
sad because of the doom laid on him, and yet hope dwelt ever in the depths of his heart,
from which mirth would arise at times like a spring from the rock. There was light in
his eyes that few could endure.'

When he returned clothed in silver and white,
by Evenstar was seen and her choice was made. They plighted their troth in the evergreen dell
and laughed and were glad - two stars cleft together in wondrous romance.

"Here is Aragorn son of Arathorn, chieftain of the Dúnedain of Arnor, Captain of the Host of the West, bearer of the Star of the North, wielder of the Sword that was broken..."

The dwarven black-smiths reforged the sword
In their caverns deep with their hammers of old
And a jewel he was gifted to shield off the dark
And as bearer of elfstone did him the men hark

Through the caverns of dread and wealds of mirkwood green
He passed under the timeless stare of the eyes of the dead
And led the oathbreakers to fulfillment of their pledge
And with honour did wield his heirloom unto a long glory...

Yet battles were to be fought and sieges lifted,
the Dark Lord Himself wrestled in mind-bending match via crystal orbs of magickal mark,
the path to be cut/cleft through to the crown and evil dethroned,
armies ambushed and help conferred to their allies in war,
for not alone on his shoulders was all-wisely laid the grim burden of a myriad fates.

And yet at length the last battle was won,
the Nine burnt away and the One overthrown.
Enthroned he was and the beloved

were wed in the tower of Sun,
'neath its rays from above —
the Queen of Even and King of Dawn...

"...Elessar of the line of Valandil, Isildur's son, Elendil's son of Númenor. Shall he be king..?"

True king he was of elder race
And a beauty yet greater revealed in his face
For six-score years on a carven throne
He reigned and the land was again adorned

Subtitled "Lay of Aragorn the Elfstone." Dedicated to "All Temporarily and Permanently Uncrowned Kings and Queens in History and Fantasy..." The lyrics in grey appear on the album lyrics but seem to be absent from the song itself (omitted or replaced by other lyrics).