(©Hobbit 2003)

There is a thought to carry me, far away to set it free
There is a world that lies within, you will live it once you've been
Come follow the tale that is callin' you
I think it's the reason we're here
Fine was that summer in the Shire, read the words from in the fire
There's a change forevermore, like stepping through an open door
Yeah, go to a place they call Middle Earth
You'll never again be the same.
Live inside, a story that's deep and wide
We can play a concert on Durin's Day
Here's the ship, the wind, and the way.
There is a ship of fantasy, and it waits for you and me
In the story on the page, it's an epic for the age
Please, don't you awaken this dreamin'
Cause it's free, and it's takin' you there and beyond.
Can't you see? Get lost in the fantasy!
You and I, comin' up from the Greenway
For Tolkein is, the wind and the way . . .