(©Hobbit 2003)

When the vision comes to me, I hear voices in the air
Tell the doubts to turn around, you can leave 'em there
I can't understand, what they're sayin'
Something's found again, something's following
Will the secrets really come undone?
Hey Bombadil
It's Mr Underhill.
Destination fades away, only hope can pass within
Nothing is impossible, but it takes a friend
Trapped in yesterday, power in the rings
We are fearful of, what tomorrow brings
Don't be waiting for a dream to be
That's why you and me
Wrote Intensity (all alone in your sighs).
Yeah he dances all around, singing stuff that I can't catch
Even Old Man Willow, knows that he's met his match
He is older than what's above the sky
He is wiser than - even mountains high
Pretty Goldberry's inside his head
Hey Bombadil
She's at the window sill . . . callin' you