(©Hobbit 2003)

The voices are all around, takin my thoughts away
Making me stand and listen, from here,
The Misty Mountains are all I see
The air is cool, leaves are falling, and here's to your fantasy
Cause there's so much to know.
Rivendell's an endless day
And Rivendell, is not too far away
It's not too far away . . .
I'll sing you a song of hope, with fantasies in your heart
The fairies are hopelessly fading, but here
The magic lived to another age
And each of us are solitary visitors of the page
Searching our souls
In Rivendell, it's such a peaceful feelin'
Rivendell, I will come back again
I will come back again.
And this ring, it holds the magic for everything
Just waiting here, in this vision, of what the future will bring
How I love to be here . . .
In Rivendell, I'll leave my heart
In Rivendell, forever playing the part
Forever playing the part . . . [melody]