(©Hobbit 2003)

Eowyn was her name; she was always into thinking deeper
She had seen a thousand days, of mystery in the haze
She thinks her situation is circumstance
All the same I've been wonderin' if entropy ever ends.
Destiny is a changing wind, that she can't wait to see
Destiny in Middle Earth is passing to the sea
She's a Destiny chaser . . . Destiny chaser . . . Destiny chaser
And if you saw her face, it could turn your eyes into a daydream.
There she stood on a battlefield, cold and black was the rage
Yeah the road she took was beyond her age
It lives on till the end of time, in those who capture the rhyme.
Centuries since the vision passed, of banners on the wind
There are some who must become, those chasers of the end.
She's a Destiny chaser . . . Destiny chaser . . . Destiny chaser
Deep in thought were the eyes of care, golden curl in her hair
Go ride the wind, cause they need you now
Beautiful, brave, and true
Eowyn, I'm in love with you.