(©Hobbit 2003)

In his twisted mind, the power hungry Sauron schemes
The great deceiver smiles
For the elven lords are blinded it seems
Nine in the fire burning, each one a mortal for turning
One chosen to lead - Lord of Nazgul
High king of men, once of a bloodline pure
Corrupted by lies
A seat to the right of the Dark Lord secure
By prophecy no man shall slay him
Who dares the voice of sin?
One chosen to lead - Lord of Nazgul
By order the nine ride, seek out this Baggins and more
In return for the prize
Hold the crown of men and the spoils of war
Halfling hear his cry, all kneel before him or die
One chosen to lead - Lord of Nazgul
Beware the black captain flies, his eight follow closely behind
No matter the cost, find what was lost
To rule them all and in the darkness bind.
Ringwraith of Angmar immortal, ruler of Minas Morgul.