(©Hobbit 2003)

Mystery tell me your name, oh where do we journey from here?
Into the center of darkness, your enemy is only your fear
Oh I feel like it's getting so near
If hesitation is your friend, some stories just never will end
Close to the edge I am bound, but close to your heart I will stay
It's so hard, keeping your eye on today
There must be a way through this emptiness
Oh oh yeah and we wander
Silently on through this emptiness
Tryin' just to hold on to the faith
We stand on the edge of this world, and imagine just what lies beyond
Silence it screams all around us, stay close to this path that we're on
And hold on - there is a light up ahead
Frodo was filled with an emptiness
Every step became heavier
On into Mordor, no hope within
Doubting he had the strength to endure
All that exists is inside now, though all around nothing is there
Senses are higher than ever, but never give in to despair
Stand tall, face it or live with your fall
I look around in this emptiness
Yeah . . yesterday's gone away
Why is it me that's been driven here?
I don't, think I can find the way
I don't think I can find the way
Find the way home.