(©Hobbit 2003)

You and I, are passing through one of those events
That will change the way we are
Don't be out there wonderin', cautious as an Ent,
Just keep followin' your heart
Colors of time in the fall
Like messengers over the wall
When nobody knows where you've gone
Leave 'em a sign for the road you're on
Think about the dreamers who've been here before
All of them received a knock upon their door
Think about the power in the friends you share
You'll forever take it with you everywhere . . . everywhere
Something is in motion here, we are not alone
Hear the symphony inside?
Signs that I've been looking for, have come into the light
Bringing passion to my eyes
I am at home in the Shire
With a spirit that burns like a fire
There is a reason to question
'Cause there is a doubt in the great beyond
Command your spirit, it will take you high
But keep it on an island, and it's bound to die
Listen to the piper, let it take you there
Magic in that music's going everywhere . . . everywhere
Synchronize the artist, and the will to win
Go for such a mission that your dreams extend
Take a breath of courage, in the morning air
For there's a word that has no limit: Everywhere!