(©Hobbit 2003)

Sometimes I dream I'm there and back again
Inside I long to whisper to the wind
Won't you take me on to paradise,
I think it might be nice to go
Under the trees on Bagshot Row
Sensations change, even after all
He left his home one day in the fall
To the depths below in Moria
He was forever on his way
These are the words I heard him say:
There's an invitation just for you to come down
And look at yourself
Senses are wide open, let the trilogy in
It's not a book on a shelf,
It's a word to be heard
About things I believe that each of us
Will carry on our way . . .
Seasons come and go about their way
Reasons have to pick another day
There's a place I want to recommend
But some adventures seem to never end
When Saturday comes, we'll take a walk in the woods
And make up a song
All about the travels and the stories they told
Just to carry along
Never mind if you're gone
It's a gift to turn you on, so come inside
The journey has begun
To discover all was for the one.