(ŠIceKnife 1995)

My name is Bilbo Baggins, and you can't throw me
Ain't nuthin' no lidless muthafuckin' eye can show me
Minions of the Muck-Mack might as well blow me
'Cause you Mordor mutha fuckas doan wanna know me
I kipe'd the ring of powa from that greasy little Smeagol
Easier than swipin' a bagle from a beagle
Ring got me faded alla way outta sight
So no way no orc can fade me, thas right!
Me and my homeys like ta kick it at bag end
And our enemies get wasted, so ya betta be a friend
Unless you wanna taste of what we gave the dragon Smaug:
These hobbits doan take no shit from no bitch balrog
Word to ya wizard!